Fire & Flood Restoration Specialists

Flood restorationWith recent floods across the whole of the UK, it is important to know where you can turn in a crisis. Independent Contractor Network are a company of fully prepared, fully trained technicians who can repair your property when you experience any kind of property damage. As fire and flood restoration specialists, ICN are able to fully restore your property when it has been damaged by heavy weather conditions.

After the recent floods, your home may have been damaged by flood water coming in and damaging your furniture and carpet. Your electricals may also be damaged in the flood, as well as the dirty water that carries contamination and disease in it. ICN can repair and replace all items in the home or business affected by flood damage. It is important to know that when you have this type of damage, you are not alone.

The Independent Contractor Network only employ fully certified and qualified tradesmen and builders, so you can be sure that when you have to face a crisis, you are receiving the best possible service that the trade has to offer. With ICN, you can be assured that your property will be repaired to the highest possible standards by fully qualified tradesmen who know exactly what they are doing. This ensures that your property will be fully restored to exactly the way it was before.

To begin the restoration process, ICN will use high tech extractor fans to air the property out, as the flood restoration process cannot properly begin without all of the walls being properly dried. The flow of water is also traced and prevented from continuing, as this will also prevent proper restoration. Independent Contractor Network can then repair your property within a reasonable time frame.

When you are in need of flood restoration after your home has been affected by the recent flooding, contact Independent Contractor Network for assistance on 08000 433 999 or visit their website at

Loss Assessors | Public Loss Adjusters

loss assessorsLoss assessors

Are you looking for a loss assessor in Ireland? At Public Loss Adjusters, we have some of the best representatives in the industry when it comes to loss assessors. We have 35 years of experience when dealing with different types of claims and claim management. Our two senior directors have over 65 years of combined experience in dealing with all different types of claims and claims management.

Recently, Britain has been hit by some of the worst storms on record. This means that more and more people have been claiming on their insurance. This has made the insurance company slower at responding and handing out the final settlement fee.

When hiring a loss assessor, we will make sure that the insurance company gives you a rapid response and gives you the right settlement fee that your damaged property deserves. If you have any questions about all the services that we offer, please visit our website at or please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly loss assessor on 041 987 8043.

What A Loss Assessor Can Do For You

A loss assessor can speak to your insurer directly for you, so there is less hassle when you are dealing with a troublesome event like this. By speaking directly to your insurer, we can make sure that the process of the claim is done as quickly as possible and that your insurer does not take an unreasonable amount of time to give you the final settlement fee that you deserve. It also ensures that we get every last penny that your property needs to be restored back to its pre-loss state.

We also offer free loss assessing and all our other services free of charge if you choose the contractors of our choice. However, if you decide to get your repair work seen out by another contractor or just want the money instead of the repair work being done then we will take 10% +VAT of the final settlement fee.

Professional Loss Adjusters Blackpool

Public Loss Adjusters Blackpool are a nationwide network with experts who are ready to help you today. We work as loss assessors and loss adjusters on behalf of only the insured. We work for YOU – not your insurer. With over 65 years of combined experienced, we specialise in dealing with all forms of domestic and commercial property claims relating to flood, fire, water, impact, theft and all other damages which may occur to your property.

Public Loss Adjusters Blackpool can offer a free loss adjusting and claims management service using our independent networks of surveyors and restoration specialists. These contractors have agreed to cover our fee on your behalf, leaving you with a service which comes at no cost to you. Our cash settlement claims are charged at 10% + VAT, which is automatically deducted from the final amount of the end settlement.

This enables us to provide a 24/7 emergency call out service and and related qualified and vetted building reinstatement carrying a full 2 year Build Assure warranty for all policyholders. Our team of qualified and skilled professionals comprises of individual specialists covering all aspects of loss adjusters, loss assessors, claim handlers, project managers, independent surveyors and BDMA drying and restoration specialists.

We are a highly reputable loss adjusting firm and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We are also a chartered firm of loss adjusters who are members of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA) and we work solely on the public’s behalf.

Our regional offices, claim managers and contractor networks have over 100 local project management designated centres, which means that we can offer our clients with our services at any time of the day or night. Call our free national helpline on 08000 434 999 to talk to one of our professional claims experts.

We cover the whole of Blackpool and surrounding areas:loss adjusters blackpool

  • Bispham
  • Layton
  • Marton
  • Staining
  • Hambleton
  • Knot End-On-Sea
  • Preesall
  • Singleton
  • Fleetwood
  • Lytham St Annes
  • South Shore
  • Thornton-Cleveleys
  • Poulton-Le-Fylde

Fire Damage Repair Experts – Fire Restoration Done Correctly

Have you recently had to go through the traumatic ordeal of damage to your domestic, industrial or commercial property, as a result of a fire? Has it caused you substantial damage and are you being quoted large amounts for the repair? If so, you need a fully qualified and skilled fire damage repair expert.

Fire damage repair servicesAny cause of fire to your property that has occurred, except from deliberate, can be dealt with and repaired to the highest standard; and will leave you with the correct and fair pay-out that you are entitled to and also help you get your damaged property fully restored.

The whole event of fire at your property can cause many types of damage, besides from the obvious burning of your property’s contents due to the fire heat. The fire itself will cause smoke damage to all areas of your property, water damage can occur from when the fire is being extinguished, fire can cause electrical faults due to burning of electrical cables and connections, and it can also damage any heating or gas systems in your property due to explosion or burning of vital leads and connections and finally, if the fire is extremely large and hard to control it can result in damages to the physical structure and outer-shell.

Moreover, all of the above can be entirely restored to their former glory, however this is only possible if you employ the correct tradespeople. When looking to engage with anyone to perform fire damage work to property, utilise the following few steps;

  • Do research into the company and the individual/s you are considering to let do your restoration work.
  • Make sure they have the correct and valid qualifications that are required to perform fire damage repair- look out for qualifications/certificates such as CHAS, Safe Contractor, ALTUIS, NICEIC, OFTEC, Gas Safe and ROSPA; if they have all or at least some of these, then that means you can reassured that they should know what they are doing in terms of property restoration.
  • Look out for the experience they have and make sure they have satisfied customer, testimonials to back the claimed level of experience and expertise up.

Finally, when you have experienced a fire to any type of property you own, do your research into who are employing to do your restoration project and consider all your options.


Professional Flood Restoration Services in the UK

Thankfully, flood disasters do not occur all year round. Although it makes good business sense to be prepared. With a quick and friendly response once you’re with us, you will be in safe hands. We have services across the UK. Giving more chances to people with flood damage problems a fast solution.

There are many kinds of water leaks that can occur. Some can flood your home, while others are not so detrimental. The damage caused by a burst pipe can often cause a bigger problem than starting with towards your home or building. We also carry out safety checks after all projects are finished.

Fixing leaking pipes isn’t easy to deal with. Therefore our Flood Restoration team fix it for you. Giving you less stress at an affordable price. If a lot of water is escaping from the leak, or it is having an impact on our customers’ water supply, the reliable team will be working quickly and effectively investigate your home or business.

We provide technical Flood Damage Restoration services. The majority of the water flowing into homes is contaminated, requiring specialist cleaning and drying prior to remedial works. From a leaking pipe to a major flood surge, we have the practical experience, facilities and equipment to deliver a proven restoration service to at least equal and generally best industry standards.

It is at this point where Flood Restoration experts can help. A quick phone call or email to the company and we can be with you promptly, getting your home or business back up and running. We communicate and co-ordinate activities with our experts involved with restoring your home to ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout the work being done.

To prevent damage and adverse effects of mould on human health, you’ve got to have the area dried and cleaned as quickly as possible. Our expert flood restoration contractors specialise in dealing with floods. They will then remove the water using professional drying equipment.

Flood Damage RepairWe will discuss and agree our charges with you upfront, so you will know exactly where you stand whilst having no hidden surprises down the line. Whether you are a small home or large organisation, our services are available to everyone. Independent Contractor Network  don’t just help you restore your property and belongings, we help you get back to normality as quickly as possible.

Water Leak Detection Specialists

Has Your Property Been Damaged By a Water Leak?

When your property has been affected by a water leak, the most frustrating thing is not knowing where the leak is. The amount of damage one can cause could be high. When something like this happens, the quicker you phone someone to fix it the better.

There are many types of water leaks such as a central heating leak, boiler leak, under floor heating leak, burst pipe leak and mains supply leak. No matter what the type of leak, the specialists will be able to fix the leak.Water leak detection

Water leak detection is a method of finding the source of the water leak by using hi-tech equipment such as thermal infra-red cameras and acoustical testing moisture meters. This will help to find the source of the leak in a way that is time effective, and it is a method that won’t cause any destruction.

Acoustic leak detection is a method of water leak detection that uses ground and pipe sensitive microphones to enhance the sound of the leak. This can help to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. The equipment amplify the sound of the water leak, meaning that it will be easier to identify where the source of the water leak is.

The thermal infra-red cameras provide an image that indicates what temperature the different materials around you are. By using this equipment, it enables specialists to assess large surface areas in a very short timescale. The infra-red energy highlights the warmer areas, helping to determine where the water leak is coming from.

Many companies will carry out a survey in a way that will not damage your property. After it has been carried out, you will receive a fully detailed leak detection report including colour photographs and full recommendations on which way to fix the problem will be best.

Is Submitting Fire or Flood Insurance Claims Becoming Difficult?

Filing an insurance claim after a disaster such as a fire or a flood is not the most relaxing thing in the world to do, or the easiest. So why go through it alone? Did you know you can now employ a loss adjuster to help with insurance claims, resulting from flood or fire? Well you can! You can have the professionals on your side, explaining what will happen and someone who will by your side the whole way.

A loss adjuster is someone who will assess your fire or flood insurance claims and will decide how much you should get. However, independent loss adjusters who are appointed by the policy holder will make sure that you receive full entitlement out of the final claim, meaning that you are getting ALL that you are entitled to as they would be working on YOUR BEHALF. All loss adjusters are experts in what they do, and therefore can give you a very beneficial and friendly service.
Many of the loss adjusting companies have a network of builders and contractors who are professionals in fire and flood restoration. They will come to your property as well as specialised surveyors, who will assess the damage in your property. The builders and surveyors specialise in this type of work, and are flood insurance claimstherefore experienced in the field.

If you employ a independent loss adjuster, they work for you. This will save a lot of time of your insurance company employing a loss adjuster who will in most cases adjust your claim for the favour of the insurance company. They will make sure that you get all that you are entitled to, making sure that you get 100% out of the final claim and nothing less.

Many loss adjusting companies find that a high percentage of their clients are fully satisfied with the support they receive, as well as the friendly manner that the loss adjuster has. They ensure that your needs are their number one priority and that your flood insurance claims are fully dealt with to the best of their ability.

Professional and Qualified Hairdressers In Blackpool

Are You Seeking Quality Beauty & Hairdressers In Blackpool?

With years of experience, our friendly and qualified team of Hairdressers in Blackpool can assist you today. With your needs in mind, we understand that like most, you want a change, or maybe even a touch up to your hair. From cleaning up your split ends, roots or layers, we can do it for you! Let our team of highly skilled experts pamper you. Hairdressers In Blackpool

Whether you are seeking a fresh new haircut, or just wanting a short trim, our professionals can do it for you. Just some of our brilliant services include, Men & Ladies Haircuts, Hair Colouring, Head Bleaches, Hair up & Permanent Waves. Our Hairdressers in Blackpool can give you the haircut that best compliments your skin tone. A change of hair style can change a personality. Therefore we like to make our customers happy, satisfied and pleased.

We understand that there is on-going competition between women to have the best looks. That is why we can give you the ultimate beauty treatment for the soon to be summer. Our professionals can give you a gorgeous glowing spray tan. Whatever the weather, you can still feel beautiful.

We Are An Affordable Hairdressers In Blackpool who we understand that it can be difficult this time of year to pay out for beauty treatment for yourself. We make it affordable for the busy, working public to come and treat themselves on a totally new look! Our cheap services can make you feel like a brand new person, you will not be disappointed.Hairdressers In Blackpool

The better you look, the better you feel, that is why our team of professionals can assist you with the latest styles & trends. We can help you pick the perfect look for the summer. So if you tempted by all of the unique treatments our Hairdressers in Blackpool are prepared to offer then visit our website.